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Capacitação de adultos e crianças em agricultura


Capacitação em permacultura


IPERMO is an Institute because from the beginning of its creation the idea was to: Generate knowledge, package it, train people and support them to use their skills to improve their living conditions and those of their communities, based on the science of Permaculture .

In this perspective, IPERMO has been training Children (Agriculture, English, IT and Environmental Conservation) and Young People (in Agriculture, Environmental Conservation and Associations with a focus on Entrepreneurship) and Adults (also in Agriculture and Associations with a Focus on Entrepreneurship).

One of the major objectives is to make the residents of mahubo km10 aware of how to produce healthy food without the use of pesticides, rationalize all existing resources such as water, energy and land, so that they can guarantee food and nutritional security.

Capacitação em nutrição


Construção de tanques de água

IPERMO has built five high-capacity iron-cement water tanks that have so far managed to store more than half a million liters of rainwater for the project.

Ferrocement replaces cement blocks for thin cemented metal vise connected with bail wire. They are significantly cheaper to build than purchased plastic tanks, we train local masons to build tanks of any size, and they cannot be stolen.
The water stored in IPERMO is used for drinking, fish production and vegetable gardens. All children in the school have access to this resource.
IPERMO installed 2 ferrocement water tanks at the local municipal school, providing 1 1/2 liters per day to 580 children who previously had no access to clean water. Local health officials have noted the decline in intestinal parasitic infections.

preparing the ground for construction of the tank

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